Download Play Store App

Download play store app for pc

Android’s play store is great. Almost everything you can possibly come up with has already an app to it. Most of this content is free to download and even open source. This is why many users prefer Android and play store, and as a result, Android market is everywhere.

What happened to the play store app? Should I download it?

When you buy a new device it will come with the play store app previously installed. But that is not true in every single case. So, what can you do if you just bought this new tablet or phone and it doesn’t have the play store app? In order to download new apps you need play store, or that is what most people think. The truth is you have alternative ways to download an app, and you can use them to get play store, too.

A quick fix on security before installing play store

Security Playstore

Security Playstore

Apps from play store are not necessarily safe, but at least they are virus-free. This is why your device will trust apps from the play store and frown upon external apps. But in this case you don’t have the play store, so you will need to overcome Android’s security to download it and install.

To do that, you can go to Android’s settings. Scroll down to Security and tap on it. On device administration, you will see the option to install from unknown sources. Tap on it and it will show a warning window, but don’t be scared and tap Ok. When you finish, you will have enabled the option to install any app external to the play store.

Download play store apk for free

Go to your web browser and type a trusted web like If you decide to type “play store apk” on Google, don’t be fooled by people selling the play store app. It is free elsewhere. On this website, you can download many apps in their installer versions. To search on apkmirror, tap on the search form above and type “play store”. You will get it as the first result listed below, the others are previous versions of the same app.

Playstore APK

Playstore APK

When you tap on the download icon you will be directed to a new page with all the specs.  Scroll down and you will see the download button down below. It can show a new warning window saying this program can be harmful. It is there only because Android doesn’t know for sure what is it, but don’t worry, we do. Wait for it to download and when it’s finished open it.

Install and enjoy

Sometimes, depending on your web browser or if you pushed the wrong button; you could end up having no idea where the downloaded app is. If so, it is probably located on your sd card or internal memory in a folder named “downloads”. So, if the apk didn’t open by itself and you are looking for it; go to the file explorer and look for this folder.

Then you just need to tap on install and wait for it to finish installing. While it’s installing, your device could pop a message asking you if you want to get regular security checks. You can accept this and it will soon show the message for “app installed”. Now you’re done, you can open play store right away or click on “done”. This is how you download and install play store for free on any Android device, including phones and tablets.


Google Play Store APK Download

The Play Store is the official Android app store in which you can find all Android apps. Normally, it comes installed by default on all Android devices, but if you erased it or for some reason do not have it installed, here we will talk about Google Play Store APK download.

This app is necessary since is one of the best ways to download app in a safe way. However, there are other alternative stores as Aptoide which you can download for free too from its official website.

Play Store features

Besides of downloading content, Play Store has other amazing services such as the Google+ Community, in which you can test the beta versions of the applications you like the most. Also, with this store you can download movies, books and music. If you want to buy a book, a movie or some music you can save it for later in your “wishlist”.

If you have a family device and you want to make sure they will not stumble on some of the explicit content on the Play Store. You just have to open the Play Store settings and enable parental controls. After that, you can filter movies, TV, apps and games. You can also filter books and music that are marked as “explicit”.

Google Play Store APK download

Now, for the Google Play Store APK download you can go to the APK mirror webpage, in which you will find free and safe applications: Once you are there, you just have to write “Play Store” on the searching area and download the Play Store version you want to use.

Play Store APK Download

Play Store APK Download

It is important for you to allow the installation of applications from unknown sources in the security menu of your Android device. Just go to your phone or tablet’s settings and in the security menu you will see the option “Unknow sources” which you have to check in order to allow the app.

Android Play Store download

It is important that after you download and install the Play Store you uncheck that option in order to prevent your device from being infected with some malware of fake applications that you could download accidentally from certain websites.

Because from now on, you can download applications in a safe way from the enormous variety that the Play Store offers. However, if you want to keep downloading content from websites or applications different from the Play Store, you might keep the “Unknown sources” checked.

Play Store free

Now that you installed the Play Store you should check all the options you have to manage your preferences, for example: the store can upload new versions of the apps automatically, but you can change that in the settings. In that way, you can select if you prefer your apps to be uploaded manually.

We hope you find this post very useful and enjoy your Google Play Store APK download and all its amazing features, applications, books, movies and music in a totally free and safe way.


Download Play Store on Android

Google Play Store is the official app store for Android terminals, from which it distributes movies, music, books and, above all, applications. The application has a very clean interface design, from which you can quickly move between categories. So to get started download Play Store on Android!

That we are interested in books, we just have to click on the corresponding icon. We are more interested in music, then, click on the music icon. And once inside, the same, but filtering by genres, ‘most downloaded’, ‘most valued’, and so on.

In any case, if you want to download your favorite movie or music, Google Play is the perfect ally. Who will really help is all who want to download Android applications. In the section of applications, you will find an overwhelming repository of apps, with a special emphasis on games.

Download Play Store on Android

Many of Google Play’s apps, of course, are pay-as-you-go, like some of the most breakout games or the most prestigious apps. Now, there are also many video games and very interesting applications that are totally free.

Download in Play Store

Download on Play Store

Google Play Store is the quintessential Android store. The old Android Market has reinvented itself to create one of the best possible places in which to download and buy applications, movies, books, music and all kinds of material for Android terminals.

Trying to compete with Google in some area is simply crazy, that is why we should say that nobody can even think in make something like what we can see in Google Play apps.

App ratings on Google Play

Whether we like it or not, Google Play is the great reference when it comes to evaluating and contrasting the depth of an application in the market based on the ratings and feedback made by users.

Why do I need it?

Believe us, you need it. If you plan to download an app, game or any other content for your Android device, Google Play is your best option. Of course, there are other ways to install apps on your device (for example, the Amazon App Store). You can even download apk files from the internet and install them by your own (provided you to know how to do it and trust the website).

However, Google Play is the official Android store. Making it the safest way to get what you need at any given time. In addition, updates are done automatically, so you do not have to worry about the status of your apps. Have we convinced you yet?

Install Play Store

Install Play Store

Getting Started with Google Play

There are a number of options you should know when you start using Google Play. The first thing to do is open the app on your terminal or tablet. Next, log in with a Google account (if you do not have one, you will have the possibility to create it). Once there, click on the button with three horizontal lines, located in the upper left corner of the screen. Then find Settings and select it. There you can set your preferences.

Among other things, you can tell the Play Store that your downloaded apps from the same are updated automatically. At any time or only when you have a wireless connection. You can also decide when you want notifications about your apps. Finally, in the section called User Controls you can adjust the parental control option and request a password when making purchases in the store.