The App 35: The world’s greatest apps

whatapp new version download – If you are having trouble downloading the latest whatsapp update, you can download the latest version from the play store online. You simply have to provide your details and can proceed with the installation process which happen directly on your phone. Then, you will have the latest version of whatsapp installed.
mobogenie pro – This is an app which can be used as an alternative to the google play store when it comes to downloading apps. You can download apps directly from the mobogenie pro, which is a paid app and gives you unlimited access to all the apps which you can download and install.
download dubsmash apk latest version – Using the dubsmash apk, you can install the dubsmash app for free outside the play store and enjoy the features and benefits. With the app, you can imitate famous people and their dialogues and record videos to share with your friends. It is a highly popular app to mimic famous dialogues.
clan guard apk – This is a famous app which can be used extensively in the famous game Clash of clans. You can use it to show online status and hence prvent getting raided by other players. The apk file is available for free on the internet and you can install it to protect your position in the clash of clans.
facebook katana android download – This is the famous app for the famous social networking site Facebook. You can download the apk file which can be installed outside of the foofle play store and then use facebook seamlessly. Facebok allows you to be in touch with people and follow their activities on social media.
picsart app download 9app – Picsart is a photo editing tool which is widely used for its simplicity and ease of use. The official provider of the app is 9apps which provides the app for free download t android users. You can use the app to create wonderful edits in your pictures and selfies.
google camera download for android – google camera is a unique app which can be downloaded from the play store on android. Besides letting you click pictures, the app also allows you to edit pictures after you click them and also provides various frames and effects while clicking the pictures so that you can use them immediately afterwards.
google map apk download – Google maps is a unique geo location app which allows you to navigate perfectly to your destination. It uses the phone’s GPS and internet to connect you properly with satelights and give you insights about the best route to follow to your destination. The apk file allows you to install the app with a single click.
shareit latest apk – Shareit is a wireless sharing app which makes it very easy to share big files between phones. You can install the free apk file downloaded from the internet and then use the shareit app to share big sized files easily and within a matter of a few minutes.
Mobomarket – This is an android app which has the complete features of an app market. You can use the app to browse and download games, media, apps and make purchases on android. It provides the apps in various convenient categories which are easy to sift through and makes the selection of aps easier.
instagram for android apk – Instagram is another trending social media which provides a platform for people to share their pictures and stories. You can add, edit and remove pictures from Instagram andkeep people in your network informed about your social status. It can be installed conveniently using the apk file downloaded from the internet.
forge of empires voucher – Forge of empires is a unique strategy game which is based on history. You have to play through the game and build a big and successful empire. All this, while fighting off enemies, sustaining your people and growing the prosperity of the empire. The voucher allows you some additional benefits during the game.
mx player pro 1.8.10 apk – The mx player allows you to play all kinds of audio and video files and extensions from the convenience of your phone. Yu do not have to install separate players or depend on your phone’s player. Using the mx player pro apk you can install the mx player and play all video files.
Playstoredownload – You can download play store easily on your phone simply by installing the play store apk file. This file can be gotten easily for free from the official play store website or by searching google for various links. It is free to download and install google play store using the apk file.
du battery saver latest version – If your phone runs out of battery easily and you have to get it charged frequently, it is time that you start using the du battery saver latest version. The du battery saver helps you increase the lasting of your battery by closing down extra background apps and managing tasks optimally.
latest version of candy crush saga – The candy crush saga is a hugely popular game which has captivated the android users, both young and old. You have to match candies and reduce them using various patterns and this is what keeps everyone hooked so much. If you like games, you should definitely try out this epic game.
bitmoji swiftkey android – The bitmoji swiftkey keyboard is an advanced keyboard which not only allows users to type in a variety of languages and styles with additional symbols, but also has various emojis which you can use while chatting with people. This will make the chat much more interesting and memorable.
8 ball pool play store – The 8 ball pool game is a highly popular game which is played world over by not just pool enthusiasts but also normal game lovers. The motive is to win the pool game and try to pot the balls using various kinds of tricks which are available in the game.
1 mobile market lite – 1 mobile market is a useful app which lets you easily find the apps which you require. In the play store, all kinds of apps are present making it difficult for you to choose. However, this app has the best apps from all categories and you can choose the best ones for yourself.
firefox apk download – The firefox is a fast and reliable browser which is highly used in browsing internet on the phone. With several options like direct video download, incognito tabs, multiple tab opening features and hidden browsing, firefox is one browser which you need to have on your phone for easy browsing.
clash royale apk download latest version – For all the Clash of clans fans, this is a real-time game which combines the most important elements like tower defenses, multiplayer online battles and collectibles during game to produce an all in one game for the strategy game lovers. The latest version has several new features and improvements.
download latest tubemate apk -For all those of you who are tired of watching the same videos on youtube again and again, you can use the Tubemate app to ownload videos from youtube and view them anytime later. The latest Tubemate apk provides extra features and improvments for you to seamlessly download and play videos.
download blackmart alpha apk – For those of you who find android play store to be cluttered and difficult to navigate, the blackmart alpha is an unofficial alternative app store from where you can download all your favorite apps and games. You can install the blackmart alpha apk from the internet and then use it for free.
facebook lite apk latest –  The facebook lite apk allows you to install the lightest and fastest version of the facebook app on your phone. Using the app, you can stay connected with friends over facebook and form social bonds. This works best on low-speed internet connections and uses much less data than the main app.
360 security apk free download – If you want to secure your phone’s data and memory and prevent viruses and bugs from getting in and infecting it, you can use the 360 security app. The apk for this app is available for free download on the internet and can be downloaded and installed easily.
despicable me apk download – For all the game lovers and fanatics, the despicable me version of minion rush is a highly addictive game which has garnered fans in million from across the globe. You can install the game easily using the apk file which is available for free download on software sites as well as the main website.
camera 360 apk download – For people who love to take pictures and selfies at every possible location, the camera 360 app is a great choice to enhance and edit the pictures. Using the app which can be installed easily using the apk file downloaded from the internet, you can edit pictures, add filters and do much more.
google earth apk for android – Google’s baby which has enhanced satelight imagery and a seamless integration of maps, this app gives you a complete 3D view of various locations across the earth. After installing the app through the apk file from the internet, you can also have special views of some well-known places on the earth.
9apps apk latest version – 9apps is a pretty interesting app since it allows you to download all kinds of multimedia like wallpapers, ringtones, games and even apps directly from one place. The latest version of the app has many improvements and changes in the interface which make it more seamless to use.
download hangouts apk – Google hangouts the much acclaimed video chatting app offered by google which syncs with your gmail account to provide a seamless experience of chatting. You can download the hangouts apk for installing hangouts directly on your phone and then using the app to have seamless conversations.
samsung smart switch mobile apk – A great app for the Samsung Galaxy mobile users, the app easily transfers all the media, pictures, videos, files, data, contacts as well as calendar and notes to any Samsung Galaxy device. You can install this app via an apk which can be downloaded to your phone from the internet.
download camera 360 ultimate – This is an improved version of the camera 360 app and comes with advanced image editing tools, more stylish and varied effects and more filters which you can apply while clicking pictures. The app can be downloaded as an apk file for free installation from anywhere on the internet.
app lock apk latest version – If you are a secretive person and want your privacy protected, app lock is one app which can help you do that. You can use it to set custom locks on all apps which you want to protect. You can download the apk for the latest version and be ensured that nobody will tamper with your apps.
facebook plus apk – If you are an ardent facebook lover, the facebook plus app is just for you. It is lighter, faster and much more comprehensive making it easier for you to get notifications, messages and other things easily. You can download the facebook pluf using an apk file which can be directly installed in your phone.
opera mini apk file download – This is the fastest, lightest and the most convenient version of the user friendly browser opera for mobile phones. You can browse, open tabs, hide searches and do a lot more using this browser. The apk file for this app can be downloaded from the internet and installed conveniently on the phone.
download dropbox apk – You can download the apk file for the famous cloud platform, Dropbox, and install it conveniently on your phone. The app allows you to keep all your pictures, videos and files in a cloud and access it from anywhere, thereby making sharing and storing easier and faster.
find phone cm security – Those of you who have trouble keeping a track of your phone and end up forgetting it at different places, this is the app for you. With its find feature, you can ring it remotely and also access it in case of theft or loss to delete the data.
hay day latest version – The gaming enthusiasts have to try this ultimate and addictive game which is available for download on the app store. In the game, you can build your own farm, manage it, improve it and earn virtual money to leave other players behind and rise in the rankings.
google camera apk download free – The google camera app can be downloaded using an apk file which is readily available on the internet for free. The google camera comes with advanced image editing features, geo location tagging, filters and other features with which you can enhance your pictures and edit them easily.
whatsdog android – This is an app which lets you monitor the activity of your friends, girlfriend or boyfriend on whatsapp. It sends you a notification as soon as the person starts using whatsapp and hence you can catch them if they lie. This app can be downloaded from the play store and installed for use.
clash of clans 9apps – Clash of clans is the highly addictive strategy and clan based game where you have to make your kingdom, train your army, fight enemies, raid other players and establish superiority over other peers. This is also provided by the 9apps manager and you can download and install it easily from there.
forge of empires – The forge of empires is a strategy game based on the medieval period where you are the head and you have to make your kingdom, develop it, harness resources and defeat challenges that arise. You can download it easily from the play store and then apply your strategies to build a good empire.
avast app lock fingerprint – For those of you who want to keep your apps private and data ssecure, Avast provides app lock facilities where you can selectively lock some apps which you don’t want others to access even if they have access to your phone. This can be unlocked using your fingerprint which adds another layer of security.
imo latest version apk – The imo messenger is a platform that allows you to chat and place video calls with other contacts who use the same platform. You can download the latest version apk file to get advanced features and improved performance from the imo messenger to make your chats interesting and calls smoother.
mx player pro apk free download for android – The mx player pro is the advanced version of the normal mx player and has extra capabilities like ad-less usage, more extensions to be played seamlessly and premium customizable outlook. The free apk for this can be downloaded from the internet and installed on your phone.
retrica.apk – It is a highly advanced app which provides you various filters and effects to apply on your photos, selfies and also allows you to make smileys, GIFs and stickers for use in other apps. The retrica app can be installed using the apk file which is available for free download on the internet.
soda crush saga apk – This is an advanced version of the candy crush saga and is highly popular among gamers and puzzle lovers alike. You have to solve puzzles by bringing similar pieces together and that is how the game proceeds. You can download the apk file and install the game to have an exciting experience.
du speed booster vs Avast – While du speed booster cleans the phone memory and keeps the background apps optimized, the Avast provides speed boost as an added functionality besides its own anti-virus program. You can choose whichever suits your phone and requirements perfectly and install it on your phone.