How to Uninstall Play Store

Google Play Store, as we all know, is the official Android market for all Android running devices. It’s probably the greatest store for any Android user to get any kind of Android content. As Android OS is the dominant one in the smartphones market, there are countless numbers of applications and digital content that serve all Android users worldwide. Applications are designed for all purposes, so you can find all kinds of apps in all kinds of fields, entertainment, gaming, education, arts, professional fields, etc.


Google Play Store offers tons of free apps in the market, as well as paid apps that require some kind of payment that Google accepts. It also makes some considerable offers every now and then for Android users, and you may be able to get some paid applications for free during a certain occasion or for a few days offer.

In addition to these endless apps, Google Play Store offers for Android users a variety of e-books, music, movies, podcasts and more. Basically, the goal of this app is to provide a digital realm that can greatly enrich our lives and make things much easier, more productive and more fun. However, sometimes there are reasons why a person might want to uninstall Play Store from their device. The problem is, there is no obvious way to do this because it is an official system application from Google. But there is a way to work around this, and that’s what we’re going to talk about here.

About Google Play Store

Google created the Play Store app to make it easier for any user to enjoy all the features of this store. The app has many features that enrich your experience using, managing and enjoying your Android device. Google updates Play Store app constantly to keep up with all users’ needs and to maintain its position on top of digital content markets. Sometimes, though, it’s precisely these updates that start causing problems on a person’s device, and makes them want to uninstall Play Store.

You can find free apps as well as paid ones. Some of the free apps may contain in-app purchases. And for buying apps and in-app purchases you will need to set up your payment method in the account settings. There are many supported methods such as credit card and PayPal, or you can charge your Google account and use gift cards. However, one of the reasons some people want to uninstall Play Store in order to use unofficial third-party marketplaces where they might be able to get unlicensed free versions of paid apps.

You can manage the updates of your apps from Play Store app, you can choose the automatic update for all the apps you have downloaded from Play Store, turn the automatic updates off, or make these updates run only on Wi-Fi connection to save you extra cellular data charges. But occasionally, an update of the Play Store itself will suddenly cause problems when an Android user tries to install a new app on their device, or when the app is set for an automatic update. With situations like these, one of the things you can try while troubleshooting is uninstalling Google Play Store and then reinstalling a previous version.

How to uninstall Play Store APK?

Sometimes, your device might have some issues running its applications properly. Some apps may get corrupted, or they might stop working completely, including Play Store. Or, simply, your device for some reasons wouldn’t update its apps, including Play Store. In such cases, all you need is simply uninstall the app and reinstall it again.

The first simple and easy way to troubleshoot the Play Store app is by going to your application manager Downloads tab, and choose Play Store from the list. Tap to see the menu. If Play Store was pre-installed on your device, it will only have the options “Uninstall updates” or “Disable”. You can just hide the app or stop it from running by choosing the “Disable” option, and Play Store icon won’t be on your app drawer or home screens anymore. If your issue is new and associated with an update, “Uninstall updates” could be an option.

Unfortunately, the only way to remove the preloaded Play Store app is by rooting the device and uninstalling it, along with all preloaded apps, using the command prompt. Rooting might not be that easy, because different Android models have different ways for rooting, and your carrier might affect the rooting of the device. So, there are some devices that are easy to root, and others are nearly impossible.

Uninstalling an app in older versions of Android is done directly from the home screen or the app drawer; you just need to long press the app’s icon. A small menu will prompt with the options of removing the app from this screen or deleting it from the device. Again, deleting a system app like Play Store most likely won’t be an option here.

What happens when you uninstall Play Store?

If you decide to delete Google Play Store app, it will be possible to re-install it later. You only need to go to any trusted site on your device’s browser that offers the Play Store APK download, like ours, choose the suitable version you need, and continue with the installation.

When you remove Play Store app, you are actually removing all the information associated with it on that Android device as well, and this could include some important data. So, it is necessary to back up or export any important information and save it to another place before removing the app.