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Smartphones have become the most used tool nowadays. They are used for almost anything and have become an important part of our daily life. Smartphones and tablets are not just a means of communications; they are a handy tool for many things we do all throughout the day. We can use them for work, study, arts, entertainment, organizing almost everything in our life, and the list still goes on and on.

play store apk

There are a variety of brands that manufacture smartphones and tablets worldwide, with a few different operating systems (OS) that run them. However, the most popular operating system is Android, with its many features and easy interface that make it easy to use and quite beneficial. Almost all the devices in the markets of the world run on Android OS, which has become dominant, rivalled only by the iOS operating system used exclusively on Apple devices.

Why use Google Play Store APK?

Programming and app developing companies have developed countless applications for Android running devices, for countless purposes. Google is actually the biggest developer and the best source of apps for any kind of device. Google created a huge market for all kinds of Android apps: the Google Play Store, which includes all the types of digital content for any kind of Android running device, including smartphones, tablets and other devices like Android TV.

Google Play Store is the official provider for all the games, media, movies, e-books, periodicals, life style apps, creative apps and professional apps made for Android. Along with its wide range of products, Google Play Store offers a management tool for your Android device or devices that makes your life easier, more organized and more fun.

Google created an app for the Play Store to make it easier for users to get all the Android digital content and manage their devices easily. This Play Store app grants you full access to the Play Store market, full control of all your Android devices that are connected to your account, and a regular newsletter to keep you informed of all new releases and offers. Like all Android apps, the Google Play Store file extension is “.apk”, which is why you see the word “APK” all the time when talking about it and other applications.

Features of Google Play Store APK

The Play Store app has many amazing features, as it is amazingly organized and offers lots of options that makes it easier for you to browse, search, and find any kind of new or old apps you want. You can find new releases, editor’s choices, Google special offers, search by name, search by type, and more. You can also enjoy the “Wishlist” that allows you to get some expensive apps for lower prices or even for free in Google’s special offers.

You can connect more than one device to one single Google account on Play Store. You can manage your apps on any of the devices, update them or stop the update. You can send gifts and set a family library and allow your family members, who live in your same town, to use your account too as you manage. You can of course control how much to allow them to spend. And for the payment, you can use many methods, like credit cards, PayPal or Google Play gift cards.

How to get Google Play Store app on your Android device?

All recent Android devices come with the core apps pre-installed, including Google Play Store. You can start using it simply by logging in with your Gmail address. But, for some reasons, your device might need to re-download the Play Store app to update it. Or, maybe the app is deleted from the device after getting it rooted, if you got a used device, or if you unwittingly (and unluckily) bought a clone device. Anyway, you can get Play Store app very simply and easily by downloading the Google Play Store APK file. I will tell you how to do it right here – it isn’t as complicated as it sounds, so don’t worry.

Just like any other app for Android running devices, Play Store app comes in APK file format. So, if you are planning on downloading Google Play Store directly to your device, you will need to use the device’s browser to search for the Play Store APK file on a trusted site, to prevent downloading any malicious or corrupted files. We have a clean, official copy of the Google Play Store APK in this post that you can download for free.

Once you find it, tap the download link, confirm the download order and wait for it to be completed. Meanwhile, check your phone or tablet’s security settings and make sure the box next to “unknown sources” is checked. As soon as the download is finished, you will receive a notification. Tap the notification bar to go directly to the file location, or you can use the device’s file manager app to locate the downloaded Play Store APK file. Once you find it, tap it to install, wait for a moment and that’s it. You’re all set. Now you will find the app among your other apps and can start using it instantly.

If you are using a computer or a laptop to download the Google Play Store APK file, find it using your desktop browser, download it to your computer, and then transfer it to your device via Bluetooth or USB cable. Then, find it using the file manager app, install it as we mentioned above and enjoy your Play Store app!


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