How can I download apps from google play to my pc?

For people who have a knowledge of the fact that they can also use android apps on their pc, life is pretty simple and convenient for them. This is because they don’t have to be worried about the memory issues or the battery issues that a smartphone has and neither do they have to be bothered by the heavy applications which might slow down their phones. For those who don’t know, the following steps ensure that you will be able to use android apps easily from the convenience of your pc, whether it be a Windows or iOS.


Use the Bluestacks Emulator

The Bluestacks emulator is a software which copies the screen of your mobile phone onto your pc, albeit in a zoomed and more convenient manner. For being able to use android apps on your pc, you will have to download this emulator on your pc. You can get it easily over the internet and also on the official website since it is free to download and install.

One you have downloaded the Bluestacks emulator, you will have to install it just like any other software which you install on your computer. Once Bluestacks is installed, the processes change from what you do on your computer to what you do on your mobile phone.

Run Bluestacks and download your favourite apps

You can now open the Bluestacks emulator and you will have to sign up using a Google account as well some of your details. This is a one-time process which is standard while using Google play on even a mobile phone. Once you enter the Bluestacks emulator, you will find the Google play app already there and screen which look just like the screen on your mobile. The display is copied to give you an exact feeling of using the same apps on the mobile phone.

Now, when you have to download any application or game from google play onto your pc, you can simply type the name of the app in the search bar given above in the emulator screen. You will get a similar list of apps just like you get in google play on your phone – games, news, movies, books, apps, dating and other varied apps. You can decide to choose from the list or you can type in the name of the particular app that you want and you can open that. Then you have to click the install option which is present in the app’s window, which is same like the install option which you would find in your mobile phone while installing an app from google play.

After clicking the install option, the app is installed in the memory of the computer and is downloaded permanently for use in your pc. The best part is that the look and the feel of the app is just like as it would have been on a mobile phone. The screens and the controls are well set as per the pc standards and looks and you won’t feel any difference while using them.

These apps and games which you download from google play onto your pc are stores in the internal memory of the pc. This is why there are no space or memory issues while installing apps from google play in your pc because most pcs have a huge memory with abundant free space. So you can go ahead and install all the 1 GB- 2 GB apps which you had to think multiple times before installing in your phone.

The setup or apk files for these apps are also stored in your pc so that whenever you delete something by mistake, you have a backup to ensure that all your data is safe. Besides the space, the emulator also uses the pc’s processor and the RAM which makes using an android app on the pc much more seamless and easy. The high processor speeds of the pc as compared to the mobile phones make sure that there is no lag while using the app. The experience is smooth and seamless and ensures that you get the best from your apps downloaded from google play.

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