How do I play google play games on pc?

With the limited memory that a smartphone has, it is not possible to play all kinds of games and run all kinds of apps on it. You either have to keep on constantly un-installing and installing apps or you have to totally let go of some apps and not use them for the sake of convenience. This problem is not there if you use your pc to play games or run the apps. This is because the pc generally has a huge memory where you can easily download the games and also a very fast processor which makes the games run very efficiently without any lags. So, there are many ways by which you can play google play games on your pc. Some of them have been listed below.


Install Bluestacks and play android games on PC

Bluestacks is an easy and convenient software which is readily available for free download on the internet. You can either search google for the software, download it from their official website or use any of the software download sites to download Bluestacks. Now, Bluestacks is an android emulator which means that you get the same screens and experience which you get on your smartphone. There, you first have to register your name and Gmail id, just like you would do on your google play smartphone app. Then you get access to google play from where you can download any game, install it just like you would on a smartphone and them play it on the emulator itself. The best part is that there won’t be any lags or buffering as the pc has a huge memory and a faster processor as compared to phones and so the game will run properly. No matter what is the size of the game, since it is being downloaded in the pc’s memory, you can download and install any number of games and play them seamlessly. This emulator gives you the access to use all the features of google play store as you don’t have any kind of restrictions or compatibility issues. Bluestacks works well on all versions of Windows as well as the iOS and so you can enjoy playing google play games on any pc you like.

Install Android SDK to run google play games on pc

A less frequent but still viable option is to use the official android emulator which can be run on your pc. Here again you can use the google play store to register yourself and then download the games and install them in the memory. Thereafter, you can seamlessly enjoy playing them from the convenience of your pc controls or even use the controls on the screen. This emulator is generally used by developers and programmers to test the android apps. This is why though it is a viable alternative to Bluestacks, it is generally not preferred since it is slow and takes time.

Play google play games using Genymotion

Genymotion is another android emulator available for free across the internet and widely used as a good alternative to Bluestacks. You can install Genymotion and then download your favorite games and apps without worrying a bit about their installation. The software also allows a drag and drop method of installation of apps, making it easier for you to browse around the emulator. The speed and features of this software are also comparable to Bluestack and much better than the Android SDK emulator. So, you can easily use this in your pc to play your favorite games.

Playing google play games from the convenience of your browser

Unlike the above-mentioned software, which are basically desktop based android emulators, Manymo is a browser based android emulator which allows you to directly install and play games from your browser itself. The best part is that it allows you to embed any game or app in any webpage where you can easily play it while surfing the internet. Also, the speed and features are highly compatible with all kinds of pcs and browsers and hence you can use this emulator easily to play your favorite games. With so many options to choose from, you can definitely give your phone some rest and play google play games on the pc.


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