How do I reinstall google play store?

Android is the most flexible, mainstream and most common operating system used by cell phones on the planet. There are many purposes for its ubiquity, however, one of them is the Play Store. It is the official place to get all the Apps and games that are available under the android banner. However, by mistake if you delete or uninstall the play store, you might get worried. Below, we will show you how to reinstall google play store.

Reinstall Google Play Store

Presently, the requirement for reinstalling it might arise when there are a ton of bugs in the application. Or, on the other hand you might confront a ton of blunders like server mistake, download or update mistake, and so forth. Or maybe you yourself might have uninstalled the google play store by mistake.

These sorts of mistakes remove the enjoyment from using the android system at all because android is nothing without the apps downloaded via the google play store.

Reinstall Google Play Store

Each Android client may have encountered a some or the other sort of mistakes while running the android OS. The most widely recognized one of them is the Server Error, where the Play Store won’t load anything. Thus, you won’t have the capacity to peruse Apps or games or anything.

Another is the Error 963 which says the App or the game can’t be refreshed or installed. Presently, that is the most concerning issue when you can’t get the application that you need. Be that as it may, some of the time, the Play Store even goes further and quits working altogether. There are numerous fixes that might work, yet reinstalling works practically inevitably.

Reinstalling the google play store isn’t that troublesome if you adhere to these steps. All things considered, you can’t totally uninstall the Play Store since it is a framework application. You can in case you have rooted your phone which is very rare and also comes with the consequences. So, some part of the files of the play store is present on the phone and it is this part that we will use to reinstall it on the phone.

  • The initial step is to return the Play Store to its factory settings condition, which is the same condition like when you first opened your phone.
  • To do that, you need to make a beeline for Settings, and afterward open Apps/Application Manager which is present in the setting menu
  • There you can find the Play Store and tap on it. This will open its Settings page and you will see a ton of alternatives from which you have to make a selection
  • Tap on the “Uninstall Updates” button and press “Yes” if a pop-up appears which asks for your answer.
  • This will uninstall the most recent variant of the Play Store and return it to the original condition that it came in when you purchased the phone.
  • A large portion of the procedure is over at this point. Next, you should simply refresh the Play Store to the most recent version to make it new once again and remove the errors which might occur.
  • There are two approaches to be able to do this. One is to open the Play Store after you have uninstalled the updates.
  • The Play Store will naturally locate the most recent version and refresh it automatically. Be that as it may, you need to sign in with your Google Account first in order for the installatio to be complete.
  • Another method is to download the APK and after that introduce it physically in your phone just like you would install any other game apk file
  • Then download the latest apk and install it on your phone. The apk is available for free on the internet and can be easily downloaded.

These are the basic and simple strides to reinstall Google Play on your Android smartphone. Simply adhere to the method and you will overcome the problem of loss of google play store. You can do it with ease without any kind of external help and no technical knowledge at all. Also, if someone else has the same problem, you can be their savior and install the google play store back in their phone.

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