How to Fix the Google Play Store Force Close Error

Google Play Store is the most essential app any Android smartphone or tablet should have. It is the best way to get apps easily and safely installed, managed and updated on your Android device. Having the Play Store app really makes your life easier. Just using one account, you can control, manage, download, update and stay informed about all the apps on all the devices you use—as long as they are all logged in to the same account in Play Store—and thus, from one place, with just a few taps, you will get access to all you want to do quickly and easily, saving you precious time, effort and even money.

Close Error

But there are many times when Google Play Store app, just as any other app, can have some issues that prevent it from functioning properly. And nothing is as annoying as that dreadful message: “Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped” each time you try to open the Store. Here’s what you can do if your device’s Play Store keeps crashing.

How to fix Play Store force close error, Method #1

Generally, if any app crashes or force closes once you attempt to open it, the first thing you might do is to clear the app’s cache. It’s not a 100% guaranteed solution, but in some cases it can be enough to stop the app’s force stop error message from appearing.

Clearing the cache can be done by going to the device’s settings menu in Device > Apps > Play Store, and then tapping to open the app’s info. Among the options, you’ll find “Force Stop”, “Disable”, and “Uninstall Updates”. You’ll need to tap “Force Stop” to make sure it’s not still running in the background. Even if you get a warning saying that this may cause the app to misbehave, press “OK.”

Finally, tap Storage > Clear Cache. This will erase the cache of Play Store, which may solve the force close issue. If not, move on to the next method.

How to fix Play Store force close error, Method #2

If the Play Store still force closes, try to clear the app’s data.

To do this, follow the same steps as above, but tap the “Clear Data” instead of “Clear Cache” button. Remember that this is going to delete all login info and other data, and you’ll have to start the Play Store as if it’s the first time again. All of your installed apps will keep functioning normally, and all of your purchased apps will still be there, and this will not affect your Google account whatsoever.

After clearing the data, the app should open normally without crashing. But if it is still force closing, there is a final option for you, which is installing the Play Store newest version. Read on to learn how to do this.

How to fix Play Store force close error, Method #3

There are some cases where clearing the app’s data and cache might not fix the force close issue. If this is the case with your device, then trying to install the newest Play Store version should be the best solution. This is easily done by installing the latest APK file.

Before downloading and installing the most recent Play Store app APK file (short for “Android Package Kit”), you need to allow downloading apps from “Unknown Sources”. Go to your Android device’s Settings > Security > Unknown Sources, and make sure this option is turned on.

Once done, go back to your web browser on your mobile phone or tablet, and search for a highly trusted website where you can safely download the newest version of the Google Play Store APK file. Once you find the file, tap to download and wait for the download to be complete. You will be notified once it is; tap the notification bar to go directly to the file on your device. Or if you have missed the notification, use a file manager app to locate the file.

Finally, tap the APK file to install. Just go along with the instructions, and it will be done in a blink of an eye. You’ll have the newest version of Play Store app installed on your device. Now, you can use it and it should be functioning properly, with no more force closing.

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