How to setup your Google Play Store

On the off chance that you have quite recently bought your Android cell phone and have finished the underlying setup wizard while populating the required fields with the right values, it is likely that your cell phone has just been enrolled with the right Google account.

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On the off chance that the above case is valid, (or regardless of the possibility that it isn’t) all you have to do with a specific end goal to set up your Google Play account is you have to get to the Google Play Store by tapping its symbol from the application menu, and give the proper Google details on the opened interface when the Play Store prompts.

Given below are the steps by which you can setup Google Play account on your Android cell phone:

  • Turn on your Android phone. In most phones you can do it by long pressing the lock key or if there is a dedicated button to turn the phone on, you can use that as well. Once, the phone is turned on, you will see the home screen which will have all the in-built apps and menu options that your phone has been built to show. Also, the factory settings in the android os are such that you get a basic number of system apps and the google play store is an in-built system app which is present on your phone on unboxing, irrespective of the type or version of the phone that you have bought.
  • Press the Menu icon to go to the Menu screen where all the apps and games which are already present on your phone would be displayed. You can scroll between the various apps till you find the right play store app you are looking for.
  • Find and tap the Play Store symbol from the applications list. It is a multicoloured “Play” symbol which resembles the play button on a music player and has many colours to make it look attractive and a signature icon of android. You can go to it and open the app by clicking on it.
  • Then you have to tap Add a Google Account button. If you are a new user with no google account present already, you will have to undergo a sign up process wherein you will have to give your details like name, date of birth, email and number for verification purposes. This will create a google account for you which will give you access to all of Google’s services like Gmail, YouTube, Chrome, Android and all other places where a google account is required for personalised access. However, in case you have an Existing Gmail account, you can simply tap on that and Google will fetch your details automatically and feed it in the play store window on its own. This auto syncing is a highly convenient feature of android and google.
  • On the Sign in window, you have to enter your Gmail certifications in the Email and Password fields. These credentials are the same that you use in your Gmail account and have to be entered as exactly the same.
  • Once done, tap the correct symbol from base right corner of the screen. This would mean that the information you have entered is correct and you are ready to move onto the next screen.
  • On the Setup payment information interface, you can choose the method of payment that you would like to set as the default method while transacting with google play. Alternatively, you can choose to press the Skip button at this window in case you wish to fill in the billing details later on.


  • Under the Backup and restore window, tap the Keep this phone backed up with my Google Account checkbox. This will ensure that all your apps, downloads, data and app settings are stored and backed up with your google account so that in case of loss or theft of your phone, you can easily install the same data on the new phone by simply typing in your Gmail account details and fetching the old data.


  • Finally, tap the Next button from the base right corner to begin utilizing Play Store. This is where the play store goes all active and displays all the apps, games, movies, books and videos which you can choose to download to your phone and enjoy.


By using these steps, you can easily setup the google play store for your phone and make sure that all the general settings are done properly. You need not consult anyone or be a super smart guy in order to correctly install the play store. You can just follow the above steps and get the play store installed on your phone.

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