Amazon’s Cloud Cam App Is Now Available In The Play Store

Many companies want to be the center of your smart home, and now Amazon announced two new products in order to get your attention: a new smart camera called Cloud Cam and a new intelligent access service called Key .


Amazon’s Cloud Cam App on the Play Store

Amazon is entering the business of intelligent security cameras with this new proposal that bears the name, Amazon Cloud Cam . This device was announced last week and it is available in the Play Store.  Amazon’s Cloud Cam app has very interesting specifications: it has high definition video streaming at 1080p, motion detection, two-way audio (speaker and microphone), night vision, storage of video clips in the cloud, Amazon Alexa , and an application that had not hit Google Play until now .

Amazon describes its 1080p HD camera as a “premium product at a non-premium price”, but it has subscription prices, which are detailed below. Amazon Key works with smart locks, to allow Amazon Prime members to give access to their homes to service providers, package delivery, or family and trusted people.

Cloud Cam and Amazon Key are integrated with Alexa and , and as the company explains, the process is designed to be convenient and simple when you buy something on your site. You only have to select “free delivery at home” at the time of payment, and the day the package is to arrive you will receive a notification just before delivery. Then, Amazon will authorize the order and unlock your door, and you can watch the live delivery in the Amazon Key application, or watch a video later. Once the delivery is complete, they will notify you once more, and will lock the smart door lock again.

Amazon Cloud Cam will launch on November 8 in select markets, and runs on a basic subscription service of $ 6.99 per month, which can go up to $ 19.99 for additional features such as people detection, cloud storage and the ability to use up to 10 cameras. They also offer a free level that allows users to download the previous 24 hours of videos without a paid subscription, with support for up to three cameras.

Both can be controlled using Alexa, and thus add them to the ecosystem of the smart home and its connected devices. The assistant can show you a live stream from the camera on an Amazon Fire TV , Fire Tablet, Echo Show or Echo Spot . The giant of the purchases presented these two services that promise to facilitate your life specifically in the area of ​​the security of your home.

The Cloud Cam is now available for pre-orders, with a price ranging from $ 119.99 to $ 249.99 for Prime members , if combined with Key as part of its In-Home-Kit. Key’s intelligent service, meanwhile, will be launched on November 8 for 37 cities in the United States covering “millions of items,” Amazon said.







What can we do with the Amazon Cloud Cam application?

If you were looking for a good intelligent security camera for your home , Amazon Cloud Cam is the one you need. In addition, it offers many interesting functions and now you can control it from your smartphone. What else do you want? Amazon is offering you the best proposal and you can not miss it.

With this application we will have access to what our security camera is seeing, we can play sounds or listen to what happens. In addition, it provides us with the exact location of the camera in case we get lost.

Without a doubt, this is a very interesting proposal to monitor the smallest of the house, we could install it in the games room and supervise everything that happens. In addition, we could chat with them, calm our pets or scare an intruder in the worst case , thanks to their speakers.

Keep in mind that the application is the control center , there you will handle everything related to the camera and you will receive alerts in case something unexpected happens. It should be noted that this application was not available on Google Play , but that will no longer be a problem, because it has just been released and it is now possible to install it completely for free. How about?

On the other hand, the Amazon security camera is not so expensive, taking into account the functions it brings, that other security cameras do not offer. What should you do if you want to buy an Amazon Cloud Cam? Just go to and ask for one for a price 119 dollars.