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These days, most Android devices now come with Google Play Store pre-installed, and, depending on what version of Android OS your mobile phone or tablet is operating, it should update automatically at whatever point proper for your Android device. Then, you can enjoy a great number of applications, games, music, books and magazines that the Play Store has ready for you. In any case, this tutorial in particular is intended for people who have an Android mobile device that did not come with Play Store pre-installed.

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How to download Play Store for mobile

This article will walk you through the major steps required for a Play Store download for Android mobile phones that don’t come with Google Play Store pre-installed, which can happen for a few reasons. The most well-known explanations behind this is the Android phone or tablet has been rooted by the previous owner, or it was somehow rooted by a secondary manufacturer and arrived in your hands in this condition. (This is typically an issue with cheap cell phones obtained from China).

The device could also be a clone (again, typically Chinese). Regardless of whether your device has been rooted or is a clone, it implies that it isn’t formally certified by Google, which means it won’t be accompanied by the standard Google applications pre-installed (Google Search, Play Store, Gmail and so forth). Luckily, there is an approach to get around the absence of the certificate from Google with the goal that you can download the most recent versions of Play Store to your mobile. Once you’ve gone through these simple steps, you’ll have the ability to get to everything Play Store brings to the table, including more than 1 million applications, large portions of which are free, which make our everyday life less complex and more entertaining.

Steps to download Play Store for mobile

To start with, you’ll have to check what version of Android your mobile device is running. You can do this by going into your settings and choosing “About Phone”. This is imperative, in light of the fact that if your cell phone is running a version older than Android 2.3, you won’t have the ability to download Play Store because the older app, Android Market, was utilized for these old versions. Your device may have the capacity to be updated to a newer version of Android OS. However, depending on the manufacturer and mobile phone company, the update might not be available on an old device. In the event that your device gives you a chance to update to Android 2.3 or newer, do that first. If not, you can follow the steps below, you will search for Android Market, not Play Store.

Next, you have to change your cell phone’s security settings somewhat to make the rest of the process work properly. Go one more time to “Settings” and select “Security”. You have to choose the option “Unknown Sources-Allow installation of applications from sources other than Google Play Store”. Make sure that this is enabled (usually, this will be enabled when the box is checked).

Installing Play Store for mobile

What we have to do now is search for the .apk file (APK), which is the file format that Android reads and executes, for the Play Store application. There are many sites on the web where you can find this APK and download it (or the APK for Android Market, if your Android OS is older than version 2.3). We have the latest version of Play Store APK for mobile right here in this post. You can simply use your mobile browser to open the link and download it directly to the device. On the other hand, you can also find the APK on your PC and send the document to your mobile with a USB cable.

If you have downloaded the APK file for Play Store from your smartphone or tablet, you can open the downloaded document effortlessly from your notification bar. In the event that you sent the APK from your PC with USB, you’ll need to do some searching to see where it ended up. Your mobile likely has some sort of file manager app, which you can use to find the Play Store APK file that you sent from your PC.

Once you have found the Play Store APK that you downloaded, you should simply open it and there will be on-screen guidelines to install the application. After following these directions, you will have the most recent available version of Google Play Store installed on your mobile device, and will be all set to explore and enjoy the cool content that Play Store has offered for you.

Congratulations! Now you can enjoy all the features and download whatever you want from Google Play Store (apps, games, songs, films, magazines, etc.) on your rooted or clone Android mobile device without worrying about anything.

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