What is google play account?

Android is the top most operating system in the world now and it has no other competitor even by miles. It offers great features, usability, interface and functions which no other operating system has been able to match and this is the reason of the widespread popularity of android. Whether it be Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola, Sony or any other brand of phone, it has to run on the android operating system in order to be successful among the phone lovers. Only iOS has come close to the android os and it is also miles behind it in terms of the number of devices sold. This brings us to the critical question of why is android so popular among the people that it is so difficult to displace it from the position of the top operating system in the world. Well, one answer could be the in-built android app store or the play store.

play store

The google play is an app which is like the master of all other apps that are present on your phones. It is like that factory where you can get all the android apps and where you can shop for more – the only thing is that it is the only place where you can get the android apps which is certified by google itself. So, the play store offers all kinds of apps, games, music, books, videos, personalized content and any other application for utility that you may require. Everything that you install from the app store is to be downloaded from the google play store and this is a one stop shop for all your android app based needs. Here you also get categories of apps where you can surf among the similar apps based on your requirements and get the best app for the needs. You also get content curated and sorted for your requirements like the most popular, most downloaded, editor’s picks and other ways in which it becomes very easy for you to choose the right type of apps to download and install.

So, while you might want to use google play, you should also be aware of the google play account that is mandatory for using google play to download your favourite apps. The google play account is the normal google account which you might be having and which allows you to access all of google’s services like the google maps, Youtube, Gmail and any other service where you need to make a sign in. The google account is mandatory for using google play because google tries to provide you with the best services and options and by signing in with a google account you can not only securely backup your apps and data but also transfer data from one phone to another without losing out on anything. This makes the google play account a very important aspect of google play.

In case you do not have a google account, you can do a very easy sign up process to create a google account and then use it for logging into google play store. When you open the play store for the first time, you can select a new google account which you want to create and then fill in the details that are asked like the name, country, phone and a username along with some secondary information which might be required in case you forget your account password or lock it up by mistake. Once created, this becomes you google play store account and you can also use it as your official google account to access various other services like Youtube, Gmail and other offerings from google.

In case you have a google account already, you can simply open the play store and select the option “log in using an existing account” and then enter the email id and password. Once verified, this will become your permanent google play account till you want to change it manually. You will remain signed in automatically till you yourself decide to sign out. You can use all the features and offerings of the play store using this account and never face any issues. All data and apps will be backed up automatically by google and you don’t have to worry about transfers and loss of data. This is why the google play store account is important.

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