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Text messages are just one of the many services a mobile phones have. There are other modern choices like, for example, instant messaging and the applications invented. One of those applications, and the most popular, is Whatsapp Messenger. This instant messaging application is now available for almost all the platforms of smartphones available in the market. Today, we are focusing on the Android version of this application. We will show you how to Whatsapp messenger playstore.

Being in 21st century, we are living in the era of technology, in an era when there is the invention of applications for everyday activities. The invention of messaging applications using mobile phones has brought on a new world of users and inventors scrambling to obtain the latest rage of applications to send messages.

In ancient times, when the cellular phone evolved beyond simple phone calls, users could send text messages, but that were the only two possible applications for a cell phone in those ages. Nowadays, the evolution has yielded smartphones, a new wave of mobile phones with almost limitless possibilities in terms of applications.

Why Whatsapp messenger?

Unexpectedly, this application onto our Android phones has become more a necessity than a preference of following a trend. The basic requirement of having installed in your phone and having an internet connection has made possible that hundreds of millions of people around the globe download this application from the Play Store. Couple to the fact that is a free application to , install and use, Whatsapp has assured its rightful place in being the most popular and application of instant messaging.

However, the installation of Whatsapp on your Android device is very simple and easy, as it is also the use of the app. With this application, people can communicate with their friends and also with the family located anywhere in the world, with any limits of network plans and infrastructure.

Guide to Whatsapp messenger playstore on your Android phone

Follow this simple step by step guide to install Whatsapp Messenger on your smartphone and begin enjoy the features it offers for free. You will need to have internet connection, via your network service provider or via Wi-Fi, and a smartphone with Android 2.3 version, as minimum, to enable this installation.

  1. From your phone’s main menu or app drawer, open Google Play Store. You may also use the web browser from your PC to access the Store also.


  1. When the main screen comes on, locate the magnifying glass icon to toggle the search. Its location is usually at the top right corner.


  1. Type “Whatsapp Messenger” on the bar and click search. Afterwards, tap or click on the first option to open the page.


  1. On the page, you shall tap on the green square that reads “Install”.


  1. Next a screen prompt will appear listing the several permissions this application requires for the installation on your phone. After reading them all, scroll to the end of the prompt and then tap on “Accept”.


  1. After accepting, the installation process will begin. Finally you will be able to monitor the progress on percentage bar that will show . After completion, the application will be installed and ready for use from your phone’s main menu.

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